Helix Models Compared!

Helix fishfinders have several different models available in each screen size. CHO vs G3N vs G3 vs MEGA DI, vs MEGA SI vs MEGA+! It can confuse even a seasoned electronics shopper.

The latest generation Helix is the Gen 3 or G3. You can get it networking or without networking. Networking is used for connecting multiple units to share sonar, radar, trolling motors, or 360's.  Any model that networks will have an N after the generation, for example G3N.

All Helix G3 units come with the new CHIRP low-Q dual spectrum 2D sonar.  Down imaging units have CHIRP and they have MEGA DI in the name. Side imaging units have chirp sonar, mega down imaging, and mega side imaging. They will have MEGA SI in the name. 

Some Helix units can be purchased without the transducer, reducing their cost a little. This is usually done when someone has a trolling motor with built in transducer, or they need a 2nd screen. These units say "Control Head Only", and are abbreviated CHO.

The latest generation side and down imaging is called Mega Plus(MEGA+). It has additional range and detail over the regular mega. Most G3 units are Mega+ except the Helix 7. It appears to have the increased detail of the Mega+, but it's limited in range to 125' for side imaging.